The Prediction Machine and the Promises Machine at Nottingham Contemporary 2016

Rachel Jacobs

Rachel Jacobs has been practising as an independent artist since finishing her PhD in 2013. She continues to work collaboratively developing the themes, vision and ethos developed as part of the Active Ingredient collective to create environmentally and socially engaged interactive artworks.

Rachel collaborates with a creative technical team that includes Robin Shackford, Dominic Price, Ian Wood (Sherwood Wood) and Matt Little (Re-innovation).

When the future comes


A series of artists interventions in London, Nottingham, Oxfordshire, Cumbria and Somerset are due to take place every year for the next 30 years with the Future Machine appearing, as a witness to these uncertain times and a catalyst for thinking about the future.



Future Machine


A mysterious interactive artwork on wheels, with a hand crank, lever, dials and copper trumpets, a speaker and microphone, that records messages for the future, prints personalised future quests and connects people and places.



A man turning the hand crank on The Prediction Machine

The Prediction Machine


An interactive artwork that  prints out predictions based on end of the pier fortune telling machines. Beside it the Promises Machine invites you to write your own promise or wish for the future.