Future Machine decorated with hops, Rachel Jacobs and collaborating musician Alex Dayo
Rachel Jacobs

Future Machine

It sits on a hand cart ready for the journey, travels the country and plugs into a greater whole of many parts. It stands as a witness to the places, people, stories and events of these turbulent times, as the Earth changes, and we take a journey into an uncertain future.

The Future Machine is a new artwork that combines public involvement, digital systems, engineers, programmers, scientists and workshops, it has been built and launched in London and Nottingham, with a focus on bringing people together across different regions and places in England. Four further artistic interventions will take place across communities in inner city Nottingham, post industrial Cumbria, rural Oxfordshire, and Somerset, through collaborations that navigate the coming changes.

Future Machine is due to next appear in Finsbury Park, London in late October – date to be confirmed.


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