You Talkin’ To Me?


In a private video booth with the option of adopting a disguise, an automated system asks you questions taken from iconic screenplays.
Do we disclose another side of ourselves to the camera that we wouldn’t in normal situations, even when we know it has a public platform?

Active Ingredient presented a screenplay generator designed specifically for Broadway. Featuring unforgettable film moments where characters are asked pivotal questions from a database of film screenplays. Based on the device often used in films, where a character looks in the mirror, seeing themselves as protagonists in their own personal narrative – Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver or Donnie Darko talking to Frank the dark, scary rabbit.

25th June – 6th July 2007
Broadway Media Centre, 14-18 Broad St, Nottingham NG1 3AL
Commissioned as part of the Screenlit, Festival of Film, TV & Writing and Digital Broadway