The Dark Forest



The Dark Forest is an interactive project exploring the impact of man’s intervention both positive and negative on our forests.  The project contrasts and connects tropical forests in Brazil to temperate ones in the UK through an artistic exchange linking artists, schools and young people in both regions.

The first stage tracks and senses changes in Sherwood Forest, UK and the Mata Atlantica and Amazon, Brazil.  The team will work with schools in Rio and Nottingham, using mobile and web technologies to learn about sensing the forests as they are now, shared myths and the future of our forests.  The first phase of the artwork was premiered at Mobilefest, in Sao Paulo in November 2009.

Forests are seen as the lungs of the world, and they are slowly diminishing and changing, but we have few tools to visualise this change, and understand our feelings towards the loss.

Active Ingredient hope to reveal new forms of environmental consciousness through exploration of the people, the locations and researching the myths connected to forests. The partnership between Brazil and  the UK will explore the impact of these changes to the wider world and how forests in England can contrast shared data with forests in Brazil, revealing the invisible.


Active Ingredient are working in collaboration with Silvia Leal, Bruno Rezende Silva, NewTV, Mobilefest and the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham.  Active Ingredient are leading this process using innovative sensor and mobile technologies towards the creation of a new artwork – The Dark Forest.

Funded by the Arts Council of England, East Midlands; UKTI; Nottingham County Council and Nottingham City Council.

Other partners include:
Sherwood Forest; The Botanical Gardens, Rio.



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