Moon Radio webTV



Moon Radio webTV was a web streaming channel where you could watch live performance and video and broadcast your own live shows.

A channel hosting what was new and innovative on the web and an international Internet community of artists, producers, games players, and other interested and interesting people.

Projects include live interactive streaming commissions by UK based and international artists, weekend events hosting both live commissioned artworks and short films.

Collaborative projects include live web broadcasts linking performers in the Nottingham (UK) with trampoline Berlin and a live interview and online chat with adventure games creator Scott Adams, linking Nottingham (UK) with the US as part of the Screenplay Festival 2004

Partners:  Trampoline and Rowan Systems
Investment:  Arts Council of England, Emmedia

moonbig1Live Broadcast of an interactive online cookery show from Ambient TV’s studio, broadcast for Moon Radio webTV, 2001