Heartlands (‘Ere Be Dragons)




Heartlands is a unique mobile phone game that combines an enchanting game and a performance experience.

Heartlands is a game controlled by player’s heart rates.  As a player takes a walk, their journey is mapped on a smart mobile phone by GPS (global positioning system) and a heart rate monitor that tracks the player’s heart rate. The goal is to keep their heart rate healthy as they explore, in order to score points. An virtual map of the journey is recreated live on the mobile phone and projected on a large screen, reflecting the real journey as it happens. Player’s play with each other, their own hearts, passersby and interact with the streets where they explore as they play.

Heartlands has won the UK and Ireland Satellite Navigation Competition and the Nokia Ubimedia Mindtrek Award in 2007.


Heartlands is still available to tour to festivals and venues.

Start playing games with your heart.


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