Dreaming of the Future


The room in the tower of the Pitt Building, Cambridge

An interactive installation in a room in the tower of the old Cambridge University Press building.

An interactive treasure trail through the past present and future of the world’s oldest printing press.

It is 1586. All alone, in a room in the tower, sits the first printer of Cambridge University Press, Mr Thomas Thomas. He is slumped over his desk and appears to be sleeping.

Outside the window the city changes, from night to day, day to night, from medieval cloisters, gothic spires, to modern towers, cars beeping and cyclists swerving, the bustle of Cambridge in the year of 2006. By moving the camera and following the clues around the room you can decode the printer’s dream and discover the hidden treasure. Search for all the clues amongst the books and papers in the room, when you find an answer the next clue should be close by. The camera in the room is live. Keep watching to see if you can catch the ghost of the Pitt Building or see anything strange happening…

Clue 1: Framed in gold, this was a precursor to the modern computer.

Visit the Dreaming of the Future Website for more information (the installation is no longer live)

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