We’re here in Brazil… with Timestreams

vera cruz farm

We are at the farm Vera Cruz in residence, the internet is slow and intermittent so photos are difficult.

It is stunning, remote, hot.

We arrived in Brazil, got the van straight to Miguel Perreira, up in the mountains.  We meet with James and Raquel our hosts from the British Brazilian theatre company Zecura Ura. We settled in, they gave us a Brazilian tea, talked about each others work, went out for dinner and Chopp (Brazilian Beer), slept, got up and got the bus to the farm gate.  The bus dropped us at the gate and we walked through two hours in the midday heat through barren deforested hills, deep forest across clear streams to the valley where the farm site perched amongst banana trees, wild orchids and forest.

This morning I got a up at dawn.  I was woken by a Kamikaze bird tapping at the window – telling me to wake up and see the dawn. I’ve never seen so many birds, in the orange tree and the tree opposite the balcony where there are two nests. A bird couple calling out to each other, they have several rooms in their house in the tree, coming in and out, gossiping about the day ahead.  The sun moved over the barren hills.

Marcos who is one of the guys that manages the farm and general technician for Gargarullo (Zecura Ura’s cultural centre in Miguel Pereira) showed us the monkeys in the trees eating shoots.  He said they dont attack and they dont come near humans. They make a deep croaky groan. Deeper and louder than the other sound.  The chorus of the birds. The cockrel.

The sun here smells. Fresh, ozoney, sweet, thick. There is a breeze but its soft and light.  Marcos told us that the monkeys huddle together when they hear the humans lower down in the valley. Behind the farm is forest and in front the barren hills with no trees.

Breakfast involved a deep discussion about binary code and art. Now we begin our experiments. Keep watching to see what we are up to.


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