Active Ingredient have developed a reputation since 1996 for creating award winning interactive artworks merging art, technology and science.

Active Ingredient create innovative artworks that bring together location, social networking, bio and environmental sensing, data collection and play.  Their work has included installations, large scale projections, mobile phone games and performance. Active Ingredient were some of the pioneers of mobile locative artworks and artists’ web streaming projects, creating early mobile phone games such as Heartlands and Love City and the artist web TV projects Moon Radio and MakeTV.

Their work is often interactive and generated in collaboration with the audience, other artists, scientists and technologists. Active Ingredient have also worked with schools, facilitated hackdays, symposiums, workshops and regularly provide guest lectures and consultancy.

Active Ingredient are based in Nottingham and work closely with the Mixed Reality Lab and Horizon Digital Economy, at the University of Nottingham. They have won the East Midlands New Technologies Initiative award for innovation and were shortlisted for Nottingham’s first Creative Business Awards. Their project Heartlands has won the Nokia Ubimedia Mindtrek Award in 2007 and the Galileo Satellite Navigation Competition in 2009.

In 2009 Rachel Jacobs and Matt Watkins joined forces with a new media consultant and TV producer to set up the company Mudlark, which is a cross-platform media production company that works across the broadcast, gaming and new media industries, Matt is now a Director of Mudlark.

Recently Rachel started a part-time Impact Fellowship at the Mixed Reality Lab/Horizon, University of Nottingham which connects her arts practice with research.

Active Ingredient are currently developing a new project to revisit and review their previous work towards an exhibtion, symposium and publication that looks at the past, present and future of this work.

“I really enjoyed the work. To hear about it was good, but to have experienced it is so much better! I felt happy and stimulated at the end. It was curious, but somehow it made me sort of feel love for everything and everybody around, curious!” Luis Sotelo, player of Heartlands( ‘Ere Be Dragons), 2007

I could hear the sounds more and I could see the some of the forest like really clearly, and really it was almost like a I walked into the forest just kind of a bit shut off really, and in 2D and I walked back in 3D, it was like Avatar. I was walking back, it was quite bonkers, I could see some of the leaves, I just really noticed how amazing the forest was… I had shamefully been tuned out.” Visitor to A Conversation Between Trees, CCANW, 2011