Presenting an award winning paper at CHI

Rachel will be presenting a paper about our project A Conversation Between Trees which has won a Best Paper Honorary Mention Award at the top level Human Computer Interaction conference CHI 2013.

The paper abstract is:

A study of an interactive artwork shows how artists engaged the public with scientific climate change data. The artwork visualised live environmental data collected from remote trees, alongside both historical and forecast global CO2 data. Visitors also took part in a mobile sensing experience in a nearby forest. Our study draws on the perspectives of the artists, visitors and a climate scientist to reveal how the work was designed and experienced. We show that the artists adopted a distinct approach that fostered an emotional engagement with data rather than an informative or persuasive one. We chart the performative strategies they used to achieve this including sensory engagement with data, a temporal structure that balanced liveness with slowness, and the juxtaposition of different treatments of the data to enable interpretation and dialogue.

She will BLOG about her week in Paris with computer scientists here.

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