New Active Ingredient New Phone Number


Active Ingredient are under going a time of organisational change and getting a new phone number – please update your details to:

07583 601339

Matt Watkins will be moving to London in September and also moving full time to Mudlark, our partner commercial company.

Active Ingredient will be changing from an artist-led company to an artist collective.  This means in reality that we will have a new flexible way of working collaborative and be lighter on our feet (hence the mobile number).

Our office remains at 100 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3HD but we are in a smaller office share.

This year we will travelling around doing a series of residencies and focusing on A Conversation Between Trees.

The new AI collective will involve Rachel Jacobs, Matt Davenport, Robin Shackford as full time members of the collective, we will continue to work in partnership with other artists, programmers, scientists and advisors.

Rachel Jacobs will continue as Artistic Director whilst also continuing her PhD at the Horizon Digital Economy Doctoral Training Centre, University of Nottingham.

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