Active Ingredient in Rio 1st – 13th November, 2010

sunrise over the Mata Atlantica hills

Estudio Movel Experimental

A Mobile Artists Residency

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
1st – 13th November, 2010

We invite you on a journey to a forest where the air speaks as you travel across time and location – from the temperate north to the tropical south – to discover the invisible forces at play, this journey will be visualised live online during the residency.

We are developing our existing sensor kit and visualisation in order to use it as a wearable, mobile sensor kit and map a journey to the Mata Atlantica Forest in the Rio state in the van that will be generated live online by our journey and interaction with people we meet along the way. We will be visiting the school where we worked as part of the Dark Forest schools exchange, the Rio Botanical Gardens, Guanabara Bay Institute and projects in the forest around Rio.

EME is an experimental mobile studio that functions as a mobile interface for the arts and sciences to take action upon the city of Rio, its urban and natural spaces through observation, negotiation, participation and play.

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