Active Ingredient heading for 20 years old next year!!


Rachel and Matt in Amsterdam (probably about 2005)

Rachel and Matt in Amsterdam (probably about 2005)

Aside from the horror of how old the team must be after¬†running an arts collective for 20 years -¬†Active Ingredient are preparing for our 20th birthday on January 6th 2016…

To do this we are looking back at the interactive work we have made, reviewing and tracking down the traces of artworks and interactive experiences that may or may not be art and were mostly ephemeral, and live, and so live on as crazy and beautiful photographs, bad quality and tiny yet exciting real media files, documents, sketches, glitchy flash files and stunning generative contributions from our audiences, visitors and participants (including an archive of 100s of drawings by anonymous web users from our AI World website in the early 2000s – many of which involve pictures you’d expect to see on toilet walls, much to our delight).

Through doing this we hope to recompile some of the key works we made and reflect on them from the perspective of a world where smart phones, GPS, video streaming and mobile gaming is now common place. We are very excited to revisit the work and see how some things have not moved on at all, yet others are very much embedded now in the world. We are also keen to reflect on if our dreams of magic, communication and moving beyond the screen have come true and consider why we made work in this way,, what we and others might learn and where to go next…

We will be blogging and reviewing as this happens over the next six months – whilst deciding how to celebrate our 20th birthday and what to do with the things we discover.

Keep Watching…


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