Active Ingredient at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Active Ingredient will be in residence a the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the 17th – 29th August, 2010.

We will be onsite conducting further research connecting trees in different environments as part of a new project ‘A Conversation Between Trees’ (working title).  We will be using sensors connected to mobile phones to visualize and interpret environmental data as part of this new locative artwork. This work will be conducted in partnership with artist Silvia Leal, at Estudio Movil Experimental and Bruno Rezende Silva at the Rio Botanical Gardens, Brazil and Carlo Buontempo, senior climate scientist at the Met Office Hadley Centre in Exeter UK.

There will be opportunities for people to be involved and an artists’ informal presentation of the work.

A Conversation Between Trees is a new project that has evolved from the Dark Forest project, that occured in the UK and Brazil –

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